Fugger City Palace

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Welcome to Maximilian Street, known in Augsburg as the “Kaisermeile” or the "Imperial Mile". The name comes from the Habsburg Emperor Maximilian, who paid frequent visits to Augsburg. He would visit his favorite banker Jakob Fugger the Rich and usually took quarters in the Fugger house as well. As a sign that the famous trader and banker was under the personal protection of the Emperor, Fugger was permitted to have an enormous, colorfully painted Habsburg imperial eagle over the door of his house. Today, this symbolic door is still the entrance to the Fugger Bank, which still exists today. Its best known clients were beyond a doubt Emperor Maximilian and his grandson Charles V. Jakob Fugger erected this city palace in a completely new style for Augsburg at the time, the Italian Renaissance. The magnificent, colorfully painted facades were unfortunately destroyed during the war. Only the courtyards remain reminiscent of the Italian style that Jakob Fugger loved so much he became the first to import it to Germany...

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